December 03, 2016

A rooftop apartment in Istanbul

Completed by the Istanbul-based design studio, Escapefromsofa, the apartment presents a rich tonal-color palette of deep browns, grainy grays, white and black while the same dark hardwood floor used throughout createsing a seamless visual effect that ties the entire space together.  The midcentury modern furniture used in the apartment's décor isn't heavy and promotes a feeling of uncluttered lightness.
Décor element such as the framed posters and photographs that hang on the walls don't take up any space and manage to infuse the small apartment with splashes of color and added texture

December 02, 2016

Raw elements and nostalgic atmosphere

December 01, 2016

The fascinating home of Milan-based photographer Paulina Arcklin.

It's a combination of photo studio, styling lab, creative office. But above all, it's the gorgeous and endlessly fascinating home of Milan-based photographer Paulina Arcklin. The interior features a contrast of texture and theme – rough industrial accents add depth and character to their light Scandinavian inspired backdrop, its ethereal quality constantly grounded by creative reinterpretations of everyday objects. The home boasts inspiring furniture choices built from reclaimed materials.  The grey and white color theme might have felt too cool without the addition of warm rusted metal and naked wood. A mixture of artwork, antiques, and vintage trays make up the eclectic decor theme. Each item is different yet meets a unified aesthetic thanks to age, wear, and sometimes a touch of paint. Delicate fabrics and distressed paint weave a breezy, welcoming atmosphere.